Write on my soul everything you know (frack_macker) wrote in carterlicious69,
Write on my soul everything you know

As is tradition with my livejournal every year...

Here is my poem.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas
is somebody to love
With the singing vocals
Sent down from up above

Can you make him tall?
For I am tall too
Make him have a childish smile
And eyes of baby blue

So, have you figured out
my Christmas time riddle?
Please give him blonde hair
Parted down the middle

He must be from Florida
With a light brown tan
Have the face of a Boy
and the build of a man

But, most of all, Santa
Give him a good heart
With a shark tattoo
And be somewhat smart

I don't want anything else
Not even a toy
Just Nick Carter...

My little drummer boy
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