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11:38pm 12/04/2005
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comment & credit if you take any icons.

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ot beta? 
11:39am 01/06/2004
  This is a cross post. Sorry if it's not allowed. I'm looking for a beta reader on my newest story. It's like an alternative universe type story staring BSB. Let me know if you're interested.  

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11:25am 31/12/2003
  Chapter 7 of the story I'm writing, "Wherever you will go" has been updated in my livejournal. It's friends only, so if you're on my friends list, there it is.

The reason it's in my livejournal is because my webmistress has been extremely busy and I don't wanna insult her by 'hiring' on a new person to update my site.

Anyway, I wanna try something new. If I get 5 or more responses to this entry, wanting me to put the chapter in here, I will :-) No biggie either way. So if you wanna read it, let me know :-)

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09:01am 27/12/2003
mood: bouncy
(cross-posted.. oh yeah!)


come on kids, you know you want my old stuff. email me at siberianduck@yahoo.com if you've got any questions, or want to see if i've got other stuff you might want... i've got mass amounts of cds, videos, etc, the stuff up now is only the stuff i had time to post last night.

i've got alot of backstreet boys things as well...

MINT magazines
trading cards
action figures

and oh so much more! if you're interested, shoot me an email and i'll send you a list of what i've got

i've got to move, so its all gotta go *cries*

meaning you can get this stuff for cheap, yo!

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04:39pm 22/12/2003
  As is tradition with my livejournal every year...

Here is my poem.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas
is somebody to love
With the singing vocals
Sent down from up above

Can you make him tall?
For I am tall too
Make him have a childish smile
And eyes of baby blue

So, have you figured out
my Christmas time riddle?
Please give him blonde hair
Parted down the middle

He must be from Florida
With a light brown tan
Have the face of a Boy
and the build of a man

But, most of all, Santa
Give him a good heart
With a shark tattoo
And be somewhat smart

I don't want anything else
Not even a toy
Just Nick Carter...

My little drummer boy

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09:57pm 23/10/2003
  hi everyone, i am new! i have liked nick and the rest of bsb for years and years.
but i am basically here to help promote my friends auctions, of live bsb/aaron carter pictures! they actually are worth looking at..
does anyone else live in the detroit area? and/or that went to see nick carter this past february? i did, i was the one with long brown and pink hair to my butt..if you saw me..
i love those boys...

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01:37am 20/10/2003
  oook...since this community seems to be unbelievably dead lol..i figured id try and wake it up a lil..

do you all prefer nick's rock sound in now or never, or the popish sound from bsb/his upcoming album?


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11:33pm 29/08/2003
  hiya everyone.

i notice most bsb/nick communities are slow, but at least theyre there :)

whats up all? well, i wouldnt be here if i wasnt a carter freak, so ill spare you those details. basically been a fan for 6 1/2 years. now or never rocks. im 5 years 4 days 19 hours and 3 minutes younger than nick. i have a cat named kaos. nick sprayed me with silly string at the black and blue tour. dont judge me til you meet me, im not a freak. honestly :)

lookin fwd to chattin with you all...

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02:39pm 30/06/2003
  I can't remember if I've ever put update notifications in here before, but...yeah. My fan fic, "Wherever you will go" has been updated.

Here's my site

And here's the new chapter!

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11:30am 01/01/2003
mood: cheerful
Hello people!!! I'm totally new here!!! And I just wanna say Hi!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!

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12:55pm 12/12/2002
mood: happy
Hi, just joined the community! I'm Holly, 21, from GA...I actually got to meet Nick last night at US play! He's doing a splendid job on the solo thing...hoping to meet a few people on here that are mature fans :)

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09:20am 26/09/2002
mood: excited
If you have letters of support for Nick, send them in ASAP!!! I submitted the addy to my site to Top Of The Pops where Nick will be doing a live webchat in a couple of hours, so he may just take a look at it!!!

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12:52pm 18/09/2002
  If I wasn't convinced before, I sure as hell am now. I just finished watching Making Of The Video for Help Me, and Nick just sounds so happy. I mean the happiness practically drips from his voice. I knew that making a solo album would do Nick good, but it's reassuring to hear it for myself.

But Nick, hun, why the Divalike shit over some chicken fingers?? That's just really dorky babe!

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nick. nick. nick. 
12:50pm 03/09/2002
  I don't know. Iam in a Nick Carter mood right about now and figure, I should do something about it. So if you played DDR you know this song. If not, good. You'll still have some fun. Every time I hear this song I think of Nick Carter. And it's a naughty song at that. They even say it like how fangirls say it, "Nic-kay!" which is kinda cool. So feel free to download it and let me know what you think.

Geocities. It's a bitch. So the file might be down. If so. Come back in an hour and dl it. It'd still be up

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09:34pm 22/08/2002
mood: bored
OH WOW. I am the smartest person alive. I FINALLY figured out how to do this. Yay, go me!

Anyways, I would just like to say that I love Nick! :)

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03:44pm 15/08/2002
  I just joined this community. Sooo, who are all of you and how old are you?  

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personal site 
02:27pm 15/07/2002
  clicky clicky  

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01:37am 08/07/2002
mood: artistic
hey guys im new to this page and im not totally in love with nick carter so all you girls can have him. hehe as long as you stay away from my man josh hartnett. lol jk, fine u can have him too. but anyways have any of u been to any of the bsb concerts? ive only been to one and that was a long ass time ago during the millenium tour. it was pretty cool though, i saved the souvenir bag with their millenium picture on it. well have fun you guys..

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Hey Hey 
01:43am 02/07/2002
mood: enthralled
Hey I'm new 2 the community... just sayin hi. I luv Nick!! HEHE. Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting him... *tear*..... Hmm.. u want some stats on me? I'm soon 2 be 16, in August... and I live in Washington. I dunno what else 2 say now, so yea. I'll post more later.

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06:43pm 24/06/2002
mood: chipper
ok...random post cause i just got a new icon! WOO! it's the one that should be showing up next to my entry. i had to put it on cause i was surfing through backstreet.net and noticed this pic, and well, that's me...the brunette in the corner of the pic. lol. i was all excited so i deemed it necessary to make it an icon! WOO HOO!!

hope everyone's doing good!

katherine :)

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